What Is The Right Font For Your Grocery Cart Ad?

July 19, 2018
Together, the right words and the right font work in tandem for the most eye-catching ad.

In a previous blog, “Why choosing the right color for a shopping cart ad is critical,” we discussed using the right color(s) for attracting the attention of potential customers. But what about the right font?

Even if you pair the perfect product with enticing copy, the wrong font can sink your ad. With so many fonts to choose from, however, it can be difficult to make the right choice. Together, the right words and the right font work in tandem for the most eye-catching ad.

The following is a list of five of the most popular fonts and what they convey:

No. 1: Helvetica. This is one of the most popular and used fonts in the world for a reason. It is universally recognized and widely used in ads due to its appealing look. Helvetica’s sleek lines and modern sensibilities appeal to companies interested in remaking their identities while setting themselves apart from the past.

No. 2: Serif. The serif font consists of a small line tailing from the edge of each one of the letters. Fonts such as Times New Roman have short projections at the top and the bottom on each character, which are the serifs. The serif font denotes formality, and is perceived as delicate, expensive, warm and old.

No. 3: Neo Sans. Neo Sans is known as an “ultra-modern” typeface that shuns simple character structures with open letters and smooth curves. It is revered for simultaneously appearing both cutting-edge and classic at the same time, as well as expressive.

No. 4: Futura. The Futura font is regarded as timelessly modern with a generous line spacing. It is used to show elegance and clarity of concept. Additionally, Futura was the first typeface on the moon, chosen for a commemorative plaque left by the astronauts of Apollo 11 in 1969. Today, Futura is a very popular typeface for numerous corporate logos, commercial products, films and advertisements.

No. 5: Bodoni. Bodoni is one of the most aesthetically pleasing fonts, with its narrow underlying structure, contrasting thick and thin strokes and an overall geometric construction. In fact, it is widely used for decorative text and logos.

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