Successful advertisements should be seen by the greatest number of people possible. With shopping carts, this high level of visibility is guaranteed—simple, yet unavoidable.

​What is Starkart?

For more than 30 years, STARKART has been the leader in shopping cart advertising in North America. STARKART advertisements are featured on the nose of shopping carts in more than 14,000 grocery and retail stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. STARKART puts your name and message in front of thousands of shoppers every day, making you a “star” in your neighborhood.

Why StarKart?


Over 10,000 shoppers visit their local grocery store per week, many of them combing the aisles for an hour or more. This means several thousands of potential customers will see your shopping cart ad several times!


STARKART’s unique rotation program allows you to change or rotate your advertisements and custom pick grocery stores that are right for you.


STARKART works with you to reach exactly the type of customer or clientele you wish to target. By targeting a specific geographic region or key demographic, your shopping cart advertisement will prove relevant.

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