Due to significant changes to the News America shopping cart program, we did “not” bid on the new program which “required” us to bid on a program that reduces installations from 13 times a year or over 500 placards installed, to twice a year for a total of 120 placards. 17 years of experience with audits has shown numerous installations not done as promised which is why we went to reinstalling every 28 days.

If you would like more information about why we were unwilling to bid on this new format please let us know.

You may receive calls, claiming to be STARKART to advertise on the Nose of the Carts. Know this is NOT us.

We appreciate your business and loyalty and invite you to visit us at

starstix.com to view our grocery checkout lane dividers, and

thenala.com to view our Reputation & Directory Management program.

The STARSTIX Advantage

Everyone goes to the Market 1, 2, even 3 times a week, it is the HUB of the Community. Everyone goes through the checkout lanes to pay for what they purchased. That means they SEE and TOUCH the divider STIX, which means they SEE and TOUCH YOUR AD.

Visibility, Guaranteed

The Beachfront Property in a grocery store is at the Checkout Lane. Your message appears on Every Full Service Lane in your selected stores.

The Best Known is the Most Used

Constant Exposure | Repetition | Pinpoint Targeting Your ad will be seen.