6 Surefire Ways to Track the Metrics of Your Print Advertisements

November 21, 2017
The following six suggestions will aid your brand with calculating its conversions derived from print and traditional media

With digital tools at our fingertips, your small business has the ability to track the results of your print and other traditional media advertisements. Although these metrics are not as definitive as online ads, it’s now possible to integrate current technology to find out which traditional mediums are yielding the best results for your small business. The following six suggestions will aid your brand with calculating its conversions derived from print and traditional media:

No. 1: Run a unique ad for each traditional media opportunity. Having an individual ad for each publication and channel will ultimately make the job of tracking each ad’s success more manageable. This method will also allow your business to better target a specific audience that pertains to each traditional media outlet.

No. 2: Advertise a different website URL in each ad. In order to calculate the website traffic your print ads generate, consider promoting a unique vanity URL in each ad that corresponds to a separate traditional outlet. This type of custom URL helps print ad consumers remember where to find more information about your business online through a concise and memorable web address. Not only do vanity URLs present the opportunity to track website traffic that results from your brand’s print endeavors, they also lend themselves to online and word-of-mouth sharing.

No. 3: Avoid advertising pages within your website. If your business is trying to promote a specific service or drive traffic to a particular website page, generate a vanity URL instead of advertising the original URL which is usually too long for your print audience to remember. Using the original URLs all your print ads will only lead to lower website traffic that’s harder to track.

No. 4: Use unique tracking phone numbers in each advertisement. Similar to using vanity URLs, it will be important for your small business to promote a tracking phone number that’s specific to each traditional media channel’s advertisement. These unique tracking numbers will ring through to the main business line provided, allowing your team to better discern which calls are funneled from which sources (print, radio, television, etc.).

No. 5: Check Google Analytics and track your marketing results. Whenever your business runs a traditional media campaign, be sure to track the results on your business’ Google Analytics account and record these results to compare multiple campaigns. This will allow your team to see which campaigns and traditional media sources have the highest ROI for future reference.

No. 6: Change ad content with each cycle or campaign. Even though brand imagery should remain consistent among your small business’ ads, it will also be important to run different print ads even within the same source in order to experiment with trial and error. Having unique content for each ad you launch will give your brand the opportunity to keep track of the source as well as what’s resonating with these particular audiences.

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