Why Grocery Cart Advertising Is Much More Effective Than A Billboard

March 23, 2018
Shopping carts are ideal for building subconscious brand awareness via shopping cart advertising.

Can you remember the last billboard you drove by? Chances are you sped by it on your way to work or the grocery store and only caught a glimpse of it out of the corner of your eye. What was it advertising? What was its message? You probably can’t remember, as your mind never even processed it in the first place.


Conversely, you can probably recall the last shopping cart advertisement you saw, as you most likely stared at it for a while when wheeling your cart around the grocery store. Shopping carts, in fact, are the most interactive part of any grocery store. They are also ideal for building subconscious brand awareness via shopping cart advertising.  


The typical adult is exposed to more than 350 ads on a daily basis. This means we are all inundated and oversaturated with advertising, which is why the vast majority of ads do not resonate. So how does your ad stand out from the countless others? The answer is through repetition and targeting, which can be achieved by shopping cart advertising, instead of pasting an ad on a billboard that most people will drive by at over 65 mph. Shopping cart advertising helps you reach the exact type of customer or clientele you wish to target. By targeting a specific geographic region or key demographic, shopping cart advertisement has been known to be relevant.

Billboards are not very effective and are quite expensive, which can pose a problem for a small business owner who wants to purchase one. Grocery cart advertising, on the other hand, allows a small business owner to experience the same benefits of a large-scale media campaign at a fraction of the price, while putting your name and message in front of thousands of shoppers every day. Keep in mind that more than 10,000 shoppers visit their local grocery store per week, and usually spend an hour or more combing the aisles. This means several thousand potential customers can see a shopping cart ad numerous times, i.e. repetition.


For old-fashioned small business owners who still think billboards are effective, think of a shopping cart ad as a small billboard. It can, like a traditional billboard, be custom-designed to highlight your business and its message; however, your “miniature” billboard on a grocery cart will be noticed much, much more and actually remembered.

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