Why Choosing The Right Color For A Shopping Cart Ad Is Critical

April 12, 2018
It is imperative to pair the right color with the message.

It is a fact that consistent and repetitive branding, which can be achieved by grocery cart advertising, is crucial for attracting new clientele and building brand loyalty. Grocery cart advertising builds trust as it stares potential customers in the face for the duration of their shopping trip. Keep in mind that the average shopping trip takes 41 minutes, during which your ad’s image is burned into the shopper’s brain. When they are ready to buy what you are offering, they will think of you first.

Furthermore, shopping cart advertisements allow for more exposure to one’s target audience and for a greater length of time than any other type of advertising. A shopping cart ad cannot be thrown away. But how do you grab the shopper’s attention and really make a lasting impression, one that they cannot deny? By using the right color(s).

According to Sign It Quick, one of the most important things to learn in any type of advertising is using color psychology to appeal to your target market, as colors have an effect on our physical and psychological states. They also speak to our subconscious and create a positive or negative reaction within 90 seconds. Therefore, using the wrong color for an ad can convey the wrong message, and chase away a potential customer. It is imperative to pair the right color with the message.

So what is the right color? The following is a list of colors and what they symbolize, which can help you convey the right message with your grocery cart advertisement:


No. 1: White: White symbolizes cleanliness, purity and youthfulness.

No. 2: Black: Black symbolizes authority, elegance, seduction and mystery. It is also suitable as a background color for an ad because it goes well with most colors.

No. 3: Brown: Brown symbolizes dependability, efficiency, humility and solidity.

No. 4: Purple: Purple symbolizes dignity, wisdom, mystery, regency and spirituality. It also exudes creativity, femininity and romanticism, making purple an ideal choice for ads that are targeted for the female market.

No. 5: Red: Red symbolizes love, warmth and comfort, and is also associated with excitement, passion, speed and strength. Red is the most powerful and striking of colors.

No. 6: Pink: Pink symbolizes comfort, femininity, gentleness and well-being. It also induces temporary calmness and relaxation.

No. 7: Blue: Blue symbolizes authority, dignity and faithfulness. Blue is described as a favorite color by many people and is the color most preferred by men.

No. 8: Yellow: Yellow symbolizes alertness, cheerfulness, happiness and warmth. It also enhances concentration and appeals to intellectuals.

No. 9: Orange: Orange symbolizes ambition, endurance, pleasure and strength.

No. 10: Green: Green symbolizes freedom, freshness, nature and tranquility. It relaxes the eye and has a soothing effect.