The Top 3 Ways To Make Your Small Business Bigger This Year

December 27, 2018
Social media can greatly increase brand awareness, which means increased sales.

Small businesses are widely considered to be the backbone of the U.S. economy. They are also viewed as positive influences on the community due to their integrity and customer-centric philosophy. However, there is always room to better your reputation and to expand your business. In order to grow your small business in the new year, follow these three tips:

No. 1: Expand your marketing with a grocery cart ad. This is the ideal way to attract new clientele, as the average grocery store attracts 15,000 to 30,000 shoppers each week, and there are an estimated 25-million-plus grocery carts in grocery stores across the United States alone. Furthermore, the average shopper spends approximately 43 minutes in the store, and will be pushing a cart with your ad the entire time. Shopping carts are the most interactive part of any grocery store and are perfect for building subconscious brand awareness via shopping cart advertising. Shopping cart advertising also helps you reach the exact type of customer or clientele you wish to target.

No. 2: Boost your social media. Social media can greatly increase brand awareness, which means increased sales. In fact, 75 percent of online Americans said product information found on social media influences their shopping behavior and enhances brand loyalty, and social media is the second most likely way, after television advertising, that Millennials learn about a new product. So if you have little to no online presence, now is the time go forward with Facebook, tweak your Twitter and/or legitimize your LinkedIn. Adding visuals to your social media pages is a good start, as one of the biggest current trends in digital marketing is video.

No. 3: Target new markets. Despite success in your niche market, there are always others to target, and just as you thoroughly familiarized yourself and researched your target market, you will have to with a new market in order to succeed. But first you will have to identify potential markets, and ask yourself a number of questions, such as Whom do you wish to sell your product or service? What are the demographics? What is the age range? Once you can answer those questions, it is essential to determine if your product or service can meet their wants and needs.

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