The Top 3 Thanksgiving Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

November 2, 2018

In a previous blog, we shared the top three Halloween marketing tips for small businesses. This time around, it’s all about marketing tips for Thanksgiving, as Turkey Day fast approaches.

No. 1: Institute Thanksgiving-themed promotions. Holiday-themed promotions are an ideal way for your small business to branch out and attract new clientele. This means giving away seasonal gifts and having giveaways, such as a contest where the winner receives a home-delivered Thanksgiving dinner. You can also offer special discounts. During Thanksgiving time, team up with a local or international charity partner and help feed the hungry, and offer incentives to your customers who do the same. Show your clientele that you are also in the business of helping others and are trying to make the world a better place.

No. 2: Beat Black Friday. This entails offering pre-Thanksgiving deals that are on par with Black Friday discounts. If you do business online you can offer free shipping, for example. This not only helps you stand above the competition, but puts your business in a great place as the online shopping season kicks off. Also consider offering gift cards, which are immensely popular holiday gifts. In fact, a survey found that during the 2016 holiday season, 81 percent of shoppers estimated gift cards to be half of their holiday purchases.

No. 3: Give thanks to your customers. Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude, and this should be extended to the people who keep you in business -- your clientele. It is imperative that you show appreciation to your customers for doing business with you, which can be done via postings on your social media site(s) or on your business’ website. You can also send out small gifts or have a special promotion to express your thanks.

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