The Top 3 Halloween Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

October 19, 2018
Invite people to your business for a costume contest.

Halloween is right around the corner, and it is the perfect time of the year to attract new clientele. Fortunately, there are fun and creative ways to do this via unique marketing avenues. The following three tips will help bring business to your door this Halloween.

No. 1: Have a costume/pumpkin carving contest. Most people love Halloween, so give them a safe place to celebrate it with their kids, or just as individuals. Invite people to your business for a costume contest, and make sure to throw some pumpkins into the mix for attendees to show off their creativity through pumpkin carving. If people can’t make it down to your place of business, encourage them to submit photos of their Halloween costumes and/or carved pumpkins via your social media site(s). While hosting your party, you can also offer sales or other promotions that highlight your goods and services. If offering treats, get candy wrappers or small tokens printed with your business’ logo. You can also advertise your Halloween event. Check local advertising avenues and schedules to get the word out about your upcoming event.

No. 2: Decorate your place of business. Festive decorations have the power to draw people in, so during Halloween decorate appropriately; e.g., spooky or fall-themed decorations. Make sure to use plenty of orange and black. Halloween decorations show your customers that you are playful and welcoming, and this can only help your brand. During Halloween, never forget the pumpkins, no matter what the theme.   

No. 3: Team up with other local businesses. By partnering with other businesses in your area to host a Halloween event, you can attract their existing customer base to your establishment, thus garnering new clientele. This shouldn’t be difficult, as most communities host Halloween celebrations for families and local residents.

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