The 8 Main Reasons Why Prints Ads Still Work

November 29, 2017
It’s no secret how pivotal online advertising and digital marketing are to your small business’ success. However, what if we told you that print advertising is just as key to your brand’s strategy as your online presence?

It’s no secret how pivotal online advertising and digital marketing are to your small business’ success. However, what if we told you that print advertising is just as key to your brand’s strategy as your online presence? The following insights will illustrate how print is still a viable and ever-relevant medium for your small business’ advertising strategy:

No. 1: Print ads yield higher conversions. In comparison to the 40 percent of consumers that take action upon viewing an online ad, almost 80 percent of the audience that interacts with a direct mail advertisement will actually make a purchase. In a lot of ways, print ads still have a stronger influence over buying decisions, even among younger generations.

The key is to make your small business’ print advertisements as memorable as possible. Consider using vanity URLs for your print ads to make your business’ website or landing pages easier to remember and drive more traffic to them.

No. 2: Targeting your audience’s demographics is easier via niche publications. The most successful businesses these days know how to segment their target audience(s) by demographics. The better your small business is at targeting its message to the right people, the better the chances your offering will be well-received and lead to purchase.

For example, pet owners that want to feed their animals the healthiest options will respond better to a print ad in a publication targeted towards healthy lifestyles for pets rather than a generic email blast. Be sure that your small business brand appeals to the core values of your audience, then find out the specific print outlets that align with the same message.

No. 3: Print ads remain the most trusted among consumers. With so many advertisements on the internet serving as click-bait or disrupting user experience as pop-up ads, print still serves as the most tried and true form to promote your brand and its offering. Although print ads might not produce instantaneous results, they create the space necessary to build trust and loyalty with your audience.

No. 4: A print campaign will reinforce your online marketing strategies. Although online marketing and advertising is less expensive, it should only be one aspect of your small business’ strategy. Having your online and digital campaigns work together (rather than choosing one method) will lead to the best results for your small business.

No. 5: More consumers are comfortable with making purchases offline with the information presented in print ads. The internet makes impulse buying so much easier for that type of consumer, but the reality is that many buyers would prefer to do their research before committing to a purchase. Print advertisements allow methodical shoppers to weigh the purchase decision without feeling hassled, translating into trustworthiness for your brand and offering.

No. 6: Print ads assert your brand’s value. To this day, print is still referred to as a “top of funnel” source with its ability to target specific demographics while also broadening your brand’s reach. Print ads give your small business the chance to establish its identity and value within and beyond its scope.

The more poignant the message, the harder it will be for your audience to ignore or forget. Online content gets its 15 minutes of fame, but print retains a longer shelf-life and presents the opportunity for your brand’s offer to pass through more hands.

No. 7: There are a variety of image and messaging cues print ads can utilize. Due to the creative art direction of certain publications (particularly magazines), print is still successful in creating high engagement rates and has become even more competitive as of late. These days, it’s crucial that print ads directly cater to the content and context of the publication or source.

Changing up the visual and copy elements of your small business’ print ads to better target the consumer will allow your brand to share multiple stories that resonate for various audiences. Creating well-targeted and high-quality print ads will only reinforce your brand’s reputation and drive sales.

No. 8: Print provides a sensory media experience. Research shows that appealing to three or more of consumers’ senses will actually increase the effectiveness of advertisements, particularly print ads. No matter the leaps and bounds made in the world of technology, we will always live in a physical world, and humans will always have a need for something tangible. Print fulfills this basic human need. In fact, the more your business’ print ads can provide a sensory experience, the more memorable your brand will be to your audience.

The key to your small business’ print advertising is to integrate it with digital technology and marketing. Your success depends on your brand’s ability to appeal to both the lingering luddites and nostalgic Millennials. How can your brand re-imagine print ads in the digital world?

Blog by Melissa McElhose, STARKART staff writer

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