How To Seamlessly Blend Public Relations With Search Engine Optimization

September 3, 2019
The goal of both PR and SEO is to create eye-catching content that will obtain earned media.

Public relations (PR) and search engine optimization (SEO) go hand in hand. In fact, the goal of both PR and SEO is to create eye-catching content that will obtain earned media. So, naturally, any successful marketing campaign should blend PR with SEO. 

On the PR side, quality content will entice journalists, while SEO enables link building. Furthermore, PR professionals know which publications allow links, and SEO strategists know the keywords to use to generate organic SEO, aka the methods used to obtain a high placement (or ranking) on a search engine results page. If used together, the results can be astronomical for even the smallest small business, whose mission, like any other business of any size, is to see their website at or near the top of Google search results.

Obtaining organic search results can be accomplished in a variety of ways, such as identifying and creating a targeted keyword list. Keywords are the cornerstone of organic search engine results. Additionally, it is essential to utilize keywords that a business’ target demographic is most likely to search for when looking for the product or service you offer. Attracting quality links to your site is widely regarded as the most crucial aspect of SEO, as they can and will help you reach the top of organic search results.

Furthermore, companies that have relationships with journalists, reporters, and editors, such as STARKART and the NALA, can help a business, via press releases, earn the kinds of links from authoritative websites that Google prefers. Press releases provide earned media, build brand authority, reach new audiences and build credibility with third-party validation. 

The mission of both PR and SEO is to magnify the reach of a business by increasing its voice through the publication of pertinent information. SEO can improve a business’ website ranking on search engines, while PR ensures one’s business and brand is being covered by the media.

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