Grocery Carts: The Numbers Are In Your Favor For Advertising

August 17, 2018
Grocery carts had become so extremely popular that entire grocery stores were being designed around them.

It started with just one. By 1940, just three years after they were invented by Sylvan N. Goldman, grocery carts had become so extremely popular that entire grocery stores were being designed around them, including wider aisles and larger check-out counters. Today, grocery carts exist in virtually every grocery store. With the exception of the automobile, the shopping cart is the most commonly used “vehicle” in the world, with an estimated 25-million-plus in grocery stores across the United States alone.

For small business owners, the vast number of grocery carts is an affordable advertising dream. Your advertisement on one cart can reach a multitude of potential customers. In fact, the typical local grocery store attracts 15,000 to 30,000 shoppers each week.

Keep in mind that repeat exposure builds greater trust and attracts new clients. Shopping cart advertisements allow for more exposure to one’s target audience and for a greater length of time than any other type of advertising. For these reasons and more it is essential you advertise on a shopping cart.

The elements of a successful grocery cart ad are numerous. Your design must be creative, and needs to have an immediate visual impact. Your copy must also be catchy, as it is just as important as the imagery. Always include a call to action, because your potential customers need to know how to purchase your product and/or service. Your ad must also convey a specific objective.

Remember to always create a sense of urgency with your grocery cart ad; for example, including a limited-time offer. Using the right font in also crucial, as it can make or break an ad. You should create an eye-catching, short tagline, keeping in mind the most effective taglines are seven words or less.

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