Five Essential Elements Of A Memorable Grocery Cart Ad

July 2, 2018
Remember to make the call to action short and to the point.

When trying to come up with a grocery cart ad, you probably begin by asking “What makes a memorable ad?” If so, the following five points can help.

No. 1: Creative design. This is a visual world we live in, and your ad needs to have an immediate visual impact. The size, color, shape, even the font you use, need to be eye-catching. The design also needs to complement your overall message. Use symbols and photographic elements geared toward your target audience.

No. 2: Quality copy. The copy in your ad is just as important as the imagery, and this must include a compelling headline. The words you use convey your message better than anything, thus telling your story. Well-chosen words have the power to resonate. For example, “Got Milk?”

No. 3: A call to action. A call to action is another essential element of any ad. Whatever it is your selling, your potential customers need to know how and where to get it/who to call. Basically, they need to know how to purchase your product and/or service, as this is what your ad is all about. Remember to make the call to action short and to the point.

No. 4: A focused objective. If you don’t know how or what you’re selling, neither will anyone who sees your grocery cart ad. Your ad must be specific, and, again, tailored toward your target audience. It must convey a specific objective. Do you want people to visit your store, call the office, or go to your website?

No. 5: Create a sense of urgency. This can include advertising a limited-time offer. If you have a great deal going on, people will get excited, especially if it has a time limit. If potential customers realize your great deal will not be available for long, they will be more likely to take the deal now.

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