7 Reasons To Shop Local

March 28, 2016

Spring is now in full effect with the time changing, the ever presence of pastels, and the aroma of fresh blooming flowers. Here are some tidbits about how shopping local is great for you and the community.

Small businesses employ 77 million Americans.

Residential neighborhoods served by a successful independent business district gained, on average, 50% more in home values than their citywide markets.

Independent retailers return more than three times as much money per dollar of sales than chain competitors.

Independent restaurants return more than two times as much money per dollar of sales than national restaurant chains.

For every square foot, a local firm occupies, the local economy gains $179 vs. $105 for a chain store.

Are among the first to offer their communities a helping hand? Small businesses donate about twice as much per employee to charitable organizations as large businesses.*

When you shop at independent locally owned and operated businesses, you are contributing to a smaller carbon footprint. Products often require less packaging and don’t travel as far.

The warm months are the perfect time to peruse local businesses, clothing stores, and restaurants. As a family or happy singleton head over to your local cafe for an iced coffee, purchase a one of a kind shirt or dress, pet the Golden Retriever sitting outside waiting for its owner, or walk around and see what your local area and town center has to offer all year long

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