5 Tips for Your Small Biz’s Facebook Ad Images

September 1, 2017
The following tips will help your small business select ad images that are sure to cause a second glance.

When creating a Facebook Ad campaign for your small business, you will want to create content and use images that grab your targeted audience’s attention. Doing so will increase your brand’s overall click-through rate and the possibility for generating new leads. Although you don’t always have to choose images related to your industry, product, or service, your business ought to avoid overly-detailed images. Simplicity is key. The following tips will help your small business select ad images that are sure to cause a second glance.

No. 1: Include happy and smiling individuals. Images that show smiling people looking directly at or facing the camera have shown to be tried and true for increasing conversions. If your small business is a retailer, use images that show happy models showing off your products and merchandise. Service-based businesses can utilize photos of smiling people who have benefited from their brand’s work.

No. 2: Choose colors that will complement Facebook’s blue and white scheme. When constructing an ad or ad campaign, choosing the right colors to portray your brand is crucial. Your business will also need to consider using colors that will complement Facebook’s colors. If your brand uses blue and/or white, consider also incorporating brighter colors such as orange, green, and even red to ensure that your ad does not just fade into the background.

No. 3: Incorporate your logo to increase brand exposure and recognition. Though it might take time for users to start converting, overlaying your business’ logo on a poignant photo is a great way to build recognition for your brand. With Facebook’s Power Editor, your business can run multiple ads and/or ad campaigns. Make sure at least one of these rotating ads/campaigns includes your logo, as this will build a higher click-through rate while building brand recognition at the same time. If your logo is blue or lacking in color, employ a bright, colorful background image to catch Facebook users’ attention.

No. 4: Create a value proposition. Although your ad image will definitely want to keep text to an absolute minimum, short and sweet value propositions have proven to be effective at engaging audiences with brands. Examples of some value propositions that keep it simple are “Free Trial”  or “Win a $25 Giftcard.” Your small business can also offer an informational take away such as an eBook or guide. To ensure that your brand’s value proposition attracts the eye, be sure to include a pop of color within your brand’s existing color scheme.

No. 5: Use pictures of children and pets to attract attention. Ranking at No. 2 for the top-five images shared on Facebook, photos of children and pets are a crowd-pleaser and should thus be considered for your small business’ ad campaign. This approach portrays your brand as casual and fun while also allowing it the opportunity to get creative. Keep in mind that the images in your business’ ad campaign do not need to be specific to your products or services, but should at least be related to your ad’s overall message. Leave the title and description to your ad copy, while grabbing users’ attention visually. For example, if your business offers an eBook on A/B testing, your brand could use a photo of twins wearing two different hats.

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