5 Reasons Why Print Advertising Is Still Crucial in the 21st Century

August 4, 2017
82 percent of online users trust print advertisements more than any other ad type when weighing a purchase decision

With a budget for marketing and advertising, your small business might be wondering if print is still viable amidst the digital age and tech explosion. According to a 2016 MarketingSherpa survey, 82 percent of online users trust print advertisements more than any other ad type when weighing a purchase decision. Although print has seen a decline since the digital takeover, it is this traditional form that retains the highest confidence. For a cohesive advertising approach, your brand will need to combine both print and digital tactics. The following advantages to print ads will illustrate their significance to your small business:

No. 1: Print advertising offers your brand to a specific, targeted audience. In a world with a plethora of national and local niche publications, the print medium enables your small business to place a tangible ad in front of demographics determined by age, location, socioeconomic status, and even interests/hobbies. To establish which publications and places your business’ prints ads will most benefit from, conduct some preliminary market research. Your small business could also conduct a survey for existing customers and contacts on your subscription list to find out what sort of print types they interact with and where.

No. 2: Along with targeting specific demographics, print can also expand your audience on a small or large scale. Around 50 percent of newspaper readers interact with print versions solely. This means your small business’ print advertisements have the opportunity to reach groups that cannot necessarily be found online.

No. 3: Without internet and smartphone diversions, print advertising yields increased engagement with your brand. Print media consumers tend to engage with what they’re reading for longer periods of time than digital media consumers. Because print media fosters more engaged audiences, print ads still give rise to the highest ROIs. While online advertising might offer your small business seemingly more exposure, print advertising continues to deliver quality results with exposure and engagement. The key to getting the most out of your print ads is to continually craft subtle and smart calls to action for your already engaged audience.

No. 4: Print ads are cost-effective. Working with a newspaper or agency directly will allow your brand to build a relationship with a representative who understands your advertising budget and goals. With various options and pricing, print advertising remains accessible to and optimized for your small business. It’s also important to remember that any money allotted to advertising efforts is an investment in your brand’s future.

No. 5: With new technology available, the medium of print has an exciting and mysterious future. The advent of new, immersive technologies have expanded the horizons of the marketing and advertising worlds, including print. For example, now it’s possible to create materials in which print and augmented reality interact. Even in the digital age, some customers within your target demographic might require the ‘touch and feel’ sensory experience that print offers. Finding ways to personalize and customize print media will ensure its trajectory into the future.

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