5 Essential Ingredients For Your Small Biz’s Advertising Campaign

July 21, 2017
The following steps will lead you to an ad campaign that resonates with your target market(s).

In its entirety, a successful ad campaign includes the advertisement itself, an enticing storefront, the overall customer experience, and everything in between. To truly get the most out of your ads, it will be necessary to take a walk inside your target consumers’ shoes to arrive at a deeper understanding of what it is you’re selling and why it should matter to your audience. The following steps will lead you to an ad campaign that resonates with your target market(s).

No. 1: Determine what you are offering beyond the products and services themselves. What values does your small business uphold? How will your brand fit into consumers’ lives and change them for the better? These are key questions you should answer before you launch an ad campaign. Some of the biggest brands on the market have masterfully anchored their meaningful messages. For example, Nike doesn’t just sell shoes; it also sells the inspiration to strive for one’s personal best. Pinpointing the feelings you want your product/service to elicit from consumers will help your business better communicate why they should look to your brand.

No. 2: Appeal to your audience by avoiding jargon. When it comes to your ad copy, make sure you are speaking your audience’s language. If your product or service is offered on a specific platform (such as Etsy), don’t assume that all potential customers are familiar with it. To ensure your ad campaign is accessible to all possible target markets, trade industry jargon for simpler explanations and spell out any acronyms. If a consumer cannot understand what you’re selling, the overall message you are sending is that your brand is not for them.

No. 3: Find your niche market by outlining your ideal customer. Imagining the ultimate buyer your product/service is suited for will only help you identify this individual or group in the actual market. Consider the following demographics: age, gender, marital status, and income bracket. Take this a step further by considering more subjective data such as personality types (adventurous, laid-back, etc.), hobbies, fears, dreams, goals, and what they expect from your product/service type. Narrowing your target market to its niche will allow your business to start small and expand its message.

No. 4: Focus on customer service and deliver on the values you promise. In order to build loyalty and credibility, your brand will need to follow through on the type of fulfillment reflected in your advertisements’ imagery and copy, even if it’s only subtly implied. Avoid making customers feel like they’ve been cheated by exceeding their initial impressions and expectations. Customer service offers your advertisement’s spirit the chance to live on. Prioritizing the customer experience will undoubtedly foster the overall relationship between consumers and your brand.

No. 5: Encourage feedback. The best way to gauge the overall success of your ad campaign is through customer reviews. Were consumers’ expectations of your product/service met, or even surpassed? If so, be sure to share these positive reviews with the rest of your audience. If not, respond to these negative reviews and offer stellar service to salvage their customer experience. This kind of response will show target consumers that they can trust the lofty promises and values you propose in your advertisements.

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