3 Reasons Why Your Small Biz Should Be Using Instagram

August 18, 2017
No. 3: Utilize Instagram videos along with other useful marketing tactics to boost overall engagement with your brand.

Boasting 300 million monthly users that share 70 million photos per day, Instagram has asserted itself as a major social media platform. Since its dawning, over 30 billion photos have been posted on the app--that’s four times the entire world’s population. Now, Instagram users have the ability to send disappearing videos to their followers and start live streaming videos, demonstrating a new opportunity for you to market your brand from a behind-the-scenes perspective. No matter your industry, you will want to consider incorporating Instagram into your advertising strategy in order to reach an increasingly mobile market.

No. 1: Increase your brand’s exposure. When your small business is considering which social media platform(s) to utilize, note that 25% of internet users are active on Instagram and each user on this app spends around 20 minutes everyday scrolling through their feeds. As much as this presents the opportunity to expand brand awareness, you will also be targeting consumers who are more receptive to your brand’s message. Out of all the social media platforms, Instagram has the highest engagement rate averaging at 3.31% per post. Compare this to Twitter’s engagement rate at only 0.07% per Tweet. Instagram is also owned by Facebook. This means your small business will have the same ability to target highly specific groups on this app, similar to Facebook Ads. By creating its own Instagram business profile, your brand can start converting followers into buyers, and hopefully brand enthusiasts.

No. 2: Easily launch an Instagram ad campaign via Facebook. As mentioned earlier, Instagram is tied to Facebook’s advertising platform. The first step in generating your business’ Instagram ad campaign will be to connect your Instagram account to your brand’s Facebook page. Next, you will need to sync your Facebook business page to Facebook’s Business Manager. The final step will be to add your new Instagram account to the business manager by entering your Instagram username and password. Once setup is complete, launching your ad campaign will mostly take place on Facebook’s Power Editor. Generating a new ad campaign for Instagram will be very similar to creating one for Facebook, and your business will be given the opportunity to choose ad type (photo, video, or gallery post) as well as campaign type (clicks to website, mobile app installs, or video views). From the Power Editor page, you can also set your target audience and how much your business plans to spend. Because of its connection to Facebook, it is now easier than ever for small and medium-sized businesses to budget for ads on Instagram using Facebook’s Budget Manager. With this tool, your brand can decide on a daily, monthly, or lifetime budget. This allows your small business to test out Instagram Ads for a limited time (and at a low cost). By tracking engagement and analytics, you can determine if the cost-per-click is worth it for your small business.

No. 3: Utilize Instagram videos along with other useful marketing tactics to boost overall engagement with your brand. When crafting your Instagram ad campaign, be sure to include at least one video advertisement. Video ads are not only visually compelling; they can actually bring noticeable results (and leads) to your campaign. 50% of all mobile traffic is video content, and consumers are 27 times more likely to click through video ads than their still counterparts. As a result, 93% of marketers are now using video to capture consumers’ attention spans. When brainstorming and filming your Instagram videos, keep in mind that videos on the platform automatically play without sound. Users will need to tap the video once to activate the sound, so make sure your video’s message doesn’t completely rely on audio. Also, including motion and movement within the first few frames of your video ad will hook viewers and potentially increase views. Even though Instagram videos can be as long as 1 minute, don’t forget that overall, your subject matter will want to tell a story and evoke an emotion from viewers in this short span of time. This is an opportunity for your brand to get creative.

Besides videos and ads, Instagram also offers your small business the opportunity to market itself for free. Take advantage of direct brand engagement by responding to followers’ comments and messages while also scoping out other businesses in your industry and responding to their posts. Using hashtags and hosting Instagram contests/giveaways are all great ways to attract more followers and increase interest in your brand. For more information and statistics about Instagram, visit this comprehensive infographic: https://websitebuilder.org/resources/139-facts-about-instagram-one-should-be-aware-of-in-2017/

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