3 Characteristics of Facebook Ads that Will Make Your Small Biz’s Jaw Drop

July 28, 2017
The following facts will crystallize your brand’s need to include this platform in your advertising strategy to appeal to your audience on a whole new level.

With over 1 billion daily active users in 2016, Facebook has demonstrated itself as an online arena for mass advertising and marketing. They are the social media equivalent to Google and would be considered the third largest country in the world if users were counted as population. As claimed by the Content Marketing Institute, the top 3 paid advertising tactics used by B2B business are: search engine marketing at 66 percent, print or other offline promotion at 57 percent, and traditional online banner ads at 55 percent. Odds are, the majority of your small business’ target audience(s) can be found on Facebook. The following facts will crystallize your brand’s need to include this platform in your advertising strategy to appeal to your audience on a whole new level.

No. 1: Paid Facebook Ads are targeted to your business’ audience, keeping your brand at the top of their feeds. On average, Facebook users spend at least 20 minutes a day scrolling through on-site content. This number leaps to 40 minutes for U.S. users, specifically. For each user, Facebook collects around 10,000 data points. Although marketers and advertisers have access to this information, it is anonymized to protect the users’ identities. With this data, Facebook is able to place your ad in front of the demographics that are most likely to buy from your business, while remaining the least intrusive to users and consumers. The targeting options for Facebook Ads include  Demographics and Events, Location, Mobile, Facebook Connections, Interests, Behaviors, as well as Education, Workplace, and Advanced Demographics. There is an internet urban legend that someone could create an ad asking their significant other to marry them with just the right targeting. If your small business is looking to enhance its online and social media presence, Facebook Ads will expose your brand to potential customers on a grand yet specific scale.

No. 2: Facebook helps your business remain visible online amidst decreasing organic search results. Since 2012, organic reach on the Web has dwindled from 16 percent to 2 percent. This means less and less people are seeing your small business’ Facebook posts without paid placement on their NewsFeeds. With a surge in content and users,  the organic capacity of search and social media platforms has become more competitive. Your brand will need to bring its A-game when creating relevant, engaging content while also budgeting for digital advertisements to ensure that this online content is seen by target consumers.

No. 3: Cost effective, Facebook Ads will allow your business to reach a wide, targeted audience while pursuing other advertising methods. From 2015 to present, Facebook has earned a total of 3.69 billion dollars with its advertising. This means businesses, large and small, continue to pay for exposure on this social media site and see results. There are currently around 3 million advertisers on Facebook. Contrary to popular belief, not only B2C businesses truly benefit from this advertising method. Because of B2B business’ reluctance to use Facebook Ads, there is less competition and more possibility for hefty returns. Before committing to a Facebook ad campaign, your small business could try boosting pertinent content for a small price while tracking its engagement. Regardless of your brand’s product or service, online advertising and marketing will need to be factored into your small business’ strategy as the world becomes increasingly more digital.

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