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6 Tips for Writing a Successful Print Ad

August 11, 2017
The following tips will help you formulate ad copy that piques consumers’ interest in your small business.

Even in the increasingly digital landscape of the advertising world, print ads are still a dynamic force. Not only should today’s ads be eye-catching; the copy must also be cleverly crafted. Just because they ought to be short and sweet does not mean print ads are easy to write. For a print ad to be successful, its copy must be concise and evocative.

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5 Reasons Why Print Advertising Is Still Crucial in the 21st Century

August 4, 2017
82 percent of online users trust print advertisements more than any other ad type when weighing a purchase decision

With a budget for marketing and advertising, your small business might be wondering if print is still viable amidst the digital age and tech explosion. The following advantages to print ads will illustrate their significance to your small business:

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