Advertising With Starkart

What is StarKart?

For more than 30 years, STARKART has been the leader in shopping cart advertising in North America. STARKART advertisements are featured on the nose of shopping carts in more than 14,000 grocery and retail stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. STARKART puts your name and message in front of thousands of shoppers every day, making you a "star" in your neighborhood.

How It Works

  • STARKART helps you choose store locations that reach your target audience
  • We work with you to design your custom-designed advertisement.
  • Ads are refreshed every 4-weeks, so your campaign looks as fresh in week 24 as it does in week 1.
  • Change your ad copy every 4 weeks.
  • Directly target your audience
  • Create general awareness of your business among your target audience

Why It Works

  • Shopping cart ads provide constant exposure and effective local branding.
  • STARKART ad campaigns offer over 105,000 exposures per week
  • Direct, repetitive and powerful subliminal advertising
  • Professionally designed advertisement provides credibility and social proof.
  • Creates a narrative about your business through visual branding
  • STARKART is the most experienced company in the industry
  • Visuals provide third-party validation through trusted traditional advertising

StarKart Ad Rotation

STARKARTadvertisements guarantee exposure not only in store but in the parking lot, too. To maximize your marketing dollar, STARKART allows you to advertise in a different set of stores each month. STARKART campaigns appear at each location for a minimum of 4 weeks. Ads are then refreshed, or changed. We work with you to customize your campaign, so that you reach as many potential customers as possible. View our map to find grocery stores in your area!

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Use A Cart
15,000 - 20,000
Visits Per Store Per Week
Exposures Per Store Per Week
Guaranteed Exposure Over & Over Again!



These are actual testimonies from our clients along with their actual ads.


As I mentioned the other day I saw the adds in the store the day after they were put up and they looked fantastic. In addition to that the very next day I was at the bank and ran into a friend of mine who couldn't wait to tell me that she saw me on the cart at Safeway and that the ads looked great and she was so excited to see me on there. I was beaming from ear to ear. I told myself "I'll know if they are working because people will tell me they saw them and what they thought." The response has been amazing. So far, and granted it hasn't been long, I get someone mentioning the ads to me almost every day. Thanks again this was exactly what I had hoped for when your company approached me about the ads.

Toby Swank - Windermere Real Estate


I found advertising with STARKART to be very effective, as I had several clients comment that they had seen me on the grocery cart, and I had non-clients comment on it too. My rep told me at the outset that no one will tell me that they found me on the grocery cart. It just lends credibility and face recognition always sets in the potential customer’s “back of their mind”. With kind regards,

John C. Morgan, Jr., PLLC - Attorneys and Counsellors at Law


I wanted to mention that I’m very happy with my shopping cart campaign with StarKart. It’s only been a few months and I have already got a listing from it. I also get lots of people telling me that they see my ad every time they do their shopping, I’m definitely going to renew my ad and maybe even buy an additional store. Thanks again Sincerely,

​Landra Doughty - Coldwell Banker United, Realtors


I was just at Von’s and... the customer ahead of me at the cash register saw my sign and asked for my business card… She wants to list her home! The ad has only been running for two weeks! How cool is that! Thanks for all your help.

Marianne Bross-Van Broekhoven - Windermere Real Estate

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